Zap's new show Reading by Design
            Reading builds your brain!!
This summer Mr. Zap has "designed" a brand new show with a fun focus on your brain and reading.

The more we read the more we build our brains.

This summer Zap brings you Brain Games!!!! A show that has its focus on making reading a part of your day, every day. If you spend 20 minutes a day reading a book your imagination will take you on a trip beyond reality. This show will do the same.

See books that are loaded with treasure, read a scary story that will amaze and amuse. A show filled with fun audience participation and lots of comic characters.

This summer gets your readers to take  Mr. Zap's Reading Challenge and spend 20 minutes a day with a book.
​A show that will be geared to all ages with puppets, comedy and magic. Readers will learn about building a library, taking care of books and media and most of all how reading is the cornerstone in the building block of life.  
                         We are booking fast so call and let us know the date you need.  Contact Bob or Sue at 440.843.8749 or