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Contact: Bob & Sue Durante

                                                     The Wonderful World of Bubbles
                 Our Most Requested Show: You will never look at bubbles the same way again.

​                                                       Magic from Another Planet
Perfect for this 2019 theme. A magic show that blends a lot of science dealing with flight, aliens and more blended into a fun and laugh filled show. You will see an alien head shrinker, the official moon rock proving that the moon is not made of cheese and much more.

                                                 Fizz Bang Boom Science and Magic
                Learn how Science is hidden but is a part in everything we do.  See Professor Zap                                     as he shares his funny world of Science, Magic and Fun with you.

                                                          Jungle Bob's Animals
Featuring an Animal Show or his Insect Show that will make you laugh and learn all about his amusing creatures.  The insect show features awesome creepy crawly insects that is funny                and informative.  Bob is a licensed animal trainer and has a show that is tied into the 
                                         reading so you can learn all about taking care of your own pet.

                                                          Zap's Pirate Adventure
          A magical show with a Pirate theme.  You will have a swashbuckling good time as we                                                             magish the Pirate Way.  

                                             Red White and Blue 4th of July  Magic Show
Where you  see History come to  life as you laugh and learn all about the Good Old USA.                                    Featuring magic with a flags and old magic as seen back in 1776.

                                                        Ron Price the Escape Artist
Here is a mind blowing fun show using magic and kids comedy along with some very funny     escape magic. See the next Houdini and a show that is "outside of the box".

Fun with Nicholas
Here is a new act that combines juggling and circus skills into a wild and crazy show.
Loaded with comical routines and stories children love Nick wherever he goes.

                                                           Magic of Going Green
Readers will learn how they can protect our planet by learning ways they can reduce, reuse                  and recycle.  A fact filled and fun show a great way to learn about Going Green.

                                                            Be Creative Workshops
       We offer five workshops:  magic, juggling,  create your own bubble blower, origami 
                                                                 and balloon twisting.
These workshops are a fun way for readers to learn some new skills.  Designed for the age of                   your audience.  We have workshops for ages 5-9 and for 10 through adult.

                                                                   Puppet Shows
           Fractured Fairy tales that you will love.  These shows use a narrator who interacts with                 the audience making sure everyone has a great time and takes part in the show.

                                                         Wild and Wacky Balloon Show 
                Visual fun for all ages blending Balloons and Magic to create a spectacular show

                                                             A Day At Wizards School 
                                  "Learn the secrets of magic at this fun filled magic workshop".
                                                      GREAT FOR TWEENS & TEENS

                                                    Spooky Kooky Halloween Safety Show 
                                     Have a safe and fun Halloween.  Magic with a Message". 

                                                         Gentleman Joe's Variety Show
       Juggling, puppets and musical fun to create a wonderful experience for kids of all ages.

                                                Music Fun and Sing Along with Billy Kaye
           Listen and sing along to your favorite songs.  Billy is a fun performer and a great show.

                                                                Eve n Stephen 

​                           Folk song duo. Great group for your open house or music week. 
                                Bringing sing a long songs, funny stories and more.             

New Shows & New Acts
              for 2019