Experience the Magic and Escape Artistry of Ron Price

Ever since Houdini the world has been awestruck over the ability of a person to be able to
escape from any kind of restraint.  Ron Price is a Master of Magic and Escape.
During his show you will find your self laughing at his comedy and being blown away by his ability to release himself from any kind of restraint.  From chains, ropes, mail bags and straight jackets you will be be amazed and amused all during this fast paced fun show.

Ron also blends his special brand of magic into each of his shows so your guests will be entertained and get to experience so much of the fun by being a magician's helper.

Ron has been doing magic and escapes for years and he is also a great magic instructor.
He has taught hundreds of children and adults his special brand of magical mayhem.
    Mom this guys great  he made me a
 magic peanut butter and jelly sandwich
Contact: Bob & Sue Durante